Build It Up

A new educational initiative is gaining traction: Build It Up. Developed by the Contractors Association of West Virginia (CAWV), this program represents a step forward in preparing the state’s youth for careers in the construction trades while simultaneously helping to fortify its workforce challenges. The Build It Up program serves as a catalyst for igniting passion and curiosity in the hearts of young learners.


As a cornerstone of the broader Build West Virginia initiative, Build It Up seeks to inspire a new generation of builders by offering immersive, hands-on experiences that transcend the confines of traditional classroom learning. The program allows students to explore the multifaceted world of construction, presenting it not just as a career choice but as a gateway to personal fulfillment and community prosperity.


Recently rolled out in three 5th-grade classrooms, Build It Up is poised for expansion in the Fall 2024 semester, with plans to reach even more young minds across the state.


For information on Build It Up, contact Pat McDonald at or (304) 342-1166.